Green Smoothie

We’re addicted to this delicious green smoothie.  Parsley, fresh ginger nub, any fermented liquid (we use kefir) one whole unpeeled apple, pure maple syrup, ice and a good blender. The result is a taste bud explosion which you’ll crave often. Smoothies are very forgiving so feel free to adjust as you please.  Just know you’ll be getting a super-food injection!

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2 Responses to Green Smoothie

  1. Luanne says:

    I think I got the wrong juicer a few years ago. It was recommended to me, but it seems like a pain in the ole non-mirror image side. Juice fountain elite by Breville.

    • corinnetrowbridge says:

      If you like smoothies the blend-tec is really worth the money. Bed and Bath has it and use the %20 off coupon!

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