December in Los Angeles

palm springs

I went to my nephew’s wedding in Palm Springs recently. Mid-week, very small & ultra hip. It was cold and wet! Palm Springs! Can you believe it?  I had to rethink my outfit quickly, and a mixture of old and new won out. I had picked up a Zara grey and black leopard pencil skirt last week and paired it with some black tights and a All Saints sweater. Sorry, I don’t have a pic of the whole outfit, but I’m not comfortable with selfies yet.  I felt silly asking one of the 6 guests to just take a picture of me for my blog. I know, I know don’t worry, I’ll get better soon.  Anyway…. my favorite piece of this outfit were my vintage booties! Vintage? well, I bought them new about 10 years ago at Loehmanns. That’s vintage right?  After a good polishing from my husband, they were good as new. Pointy, ankle height with a stacked heel, they were perfect with the tight below the knee skirt and bulky sweater.  P.S. I love you  Let me know how many of you remember that campaign.

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6 Responses to December in Los Angeles

  1. JoTrow says:

    I do not remember that campaign…LOVE the boots!

    • corinnetrowbridge says:

      Thank You JoTrow! The PS I Love You was an eighties Palm Springs bumper sticker designed to promote the city locally. Really worked!

  2. Luanne says:

    I am laughing at the “I’m not comfortable with selfies yet.” If you wait too long they will be out of style and then where will you be? hahaha Great boots!

  3. Mizz D says:

    You ruled the personal style at our fête!

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