Fresh Flowers… really?

fresh flower arrangement, fresh/faux flowers,I Love fresh flowers. I particularly love flowers, that when I open the door or walk into a room give me a beautiful nasal high. Ahhhhh… fleeting, but oh, so satisfying.  The most intense flower for that delightful perk is always the Casablanca Lily. It’s also very long-lasting which doubles the pleasure.

imageI like simple arrangements and usually in the same color scheme with the lily being center stage. Sometimes, as I walk to the market I’ll say to myself, “Today, try and do something different” Then once I’m there I say, “Calm down, Crazy!” Side trivia; what movie is that line from? Hint?  It was a oscar nom movie from last year. Give up? Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Tiffany says it in Silver Linings Playbook. I love that line. Let’s just say I bought the same flowers.

6 stems of White Casablanca Lilies, 6 stems of White Gladiolus, one tall bunch of greens and 4 stems of Green Amaranthus–wait– not so fast on those. One last stop left on our Flower Arrangement Adventure.

imageAldik Flower Supply.  Not your Grandmothers plastic flowers shop mind you, but a hip creative and super interesting place. They do a very big business with the local studios and have a very active on-line presence I knew exactly what I was looking for and found it.  Green Amaranthus.

tableNot sure what’s they are made of, but the stem is plastic which is perfect for water. The cost of each stem was under $10.00 but it will last forever – or until the housekeeper thinks they are real and throws them out with the old flowers…

closeupHere’s a close-up, looks good right?

4 daysLooks  and smells great after 4 days. The Glads have opened and the lilies still have buds.

Let the Fresh Flower and faux arranging begin!!!

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