What I’m Wearing Today

sat 2:22:14

What I love about my wardrobe is that I have old, new and “Wow, so glad I kept that!”

Oh those boots!  I found these for $20.00 at the United Colors of Benetton’s outlet store at the Citadel about 12 years ago.  Pointed, flat, short and OMG! I just loved them. Funny, I didn’t wear them for oh, maybe 8 years or so, but for 20.00 bucks? Really? definitely worth the investment.   I just had them polished and they are fab!

The Jeans and Jean Jacket are Zara and the funky Belt is from Free People — Come on peeps ya gotta add a little funk now and then. The Tee is from Vince.

And of course there’s my Luco from Louis Vuitton. I don’t wear it often enough, usually I save it for travel but what the heck, right?

I considered  2 pics, the bottom half and the top half. But — a selfie with an ipad is, well, really, really odd. trust me.

Saturday’s are a beautiful thing.

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2 Responses to What I’m Wearing Today

  1. Luanne says:

    Corinne, you are so chic!! You ought to hosting a makeover show for “us,” meaning 50, no 40+. haha

  2. corinnetrowbridge says:

    Thank You Luanne! I love putting things together, mixing old and new.

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