2015 sounds so futuristic I find. It’s very exciting to me and has actually inspired me to to move forward past the closing of my business last year. It’s not that I’ve done nothing for a year mind you. I have completed a small remodel to make room for my folks and have moved them in. During this period I have also emptied their home and have had it rented. So you see, I have been busy.

Now I find that I want to concentrate on what’s next for me.

I’ve taken a personal inventory and established a few goals. My first list was crazy long and I realized the goals I set needed to be attainable in my world, right now. Here are just a few.

Get in better shape. Whatever that means. I mean, yes lose some weight but more important establish an exercise routine that I can stick to …whatever that means. No! I mean it!! Who likes Zumba?

Read more. Ugh, Ok, Ok, what I actually mean to say is READ… a book. I haven’t read a book since Twilight. Fashion, Home and Food Magazines don’t count, right?  I guess not. I’ll take suggestions in that department.

Take some classes. I’m going to learn Microsoft Office, which of course includes Word, Excel, Outlook and whatever else is included in that “Suite”. Ps. I’m enrolled!

Learn how to take better pictures for my blog. I’m told by some that they suck.  I don’t  necessarily disagree with that opinion so I will work on that.

Get a job.  Very exciting!

Please note, this list is in no specific order. I’m more than happy to find a job first!







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4 Responses to 2015

  1. jotrow says:

    LOVE all the goals! Write a post on how you hunted for and found that beautiful agenda!

  2. Luanne says:

    Welcome back! Did your kids tell you your photos suck? Because our kids’ opinions don’t count! I’m excited about your list! One caveat: a job has to be fun! You need a Fitbit! So fun! Zumba must be awful because people I know who do it smell when they get done….

    • corinnetrowbridge says:

      Oh Luanne so funny! Yes, it was my kids who told me. I will definitely look for a fun and meaningful job — I get to this time around. I want a fitbit!!! Can’t wait for your book of poems “Doll God” later this week on Amazon Luanne! You’re an inspiration!

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