The Fashion Selfie

I wore tee-shirts, jeans and clogs everyday for over twenty years. Now mind you I totally rocked that look but sheesh, I so wanted an opportunity to dress and the excuse to buy statement pieces or any pieces for that matter. Oh happy day when I started work as facilitator/tour guide at a museum.  “Professional Attire” OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

Here’s where the selfie comes in. What? I know in today’s blog world peeps have “people” who style and take the professional shots. I don’t. So, I will be OG and continue with the selfies. I promise not to use a selfie stick, ok?

style-selfie 2

Love this! Top Shop Vest, Zara Pants, Cos t-shirt and shoes.

white dress

Oh yes, Cos Dress and Zara Jean Jacket

style-selie 3

Hmm, Everything vintage here — well, except Nikko #themostinterestinghuskyintheworld.

vintage boots

Here’s a close-up of my boots. These babies are over ten years old.

style selfie

Are you sensing a theme here? I’m always looking for ways to change up pieces that I own yet keeping with my style. Oh wow, I have pieces! Oh and I have a style!!!

stan smith

OG Stan Smith with the Navy Heel. So cool to make this work in the “professional attire” category. I was focused on the kicks but crisp white shirt (shocker right?) was on top.


Here’s a weekend look! Oh and it’s not a selfie!!!! Can I count hubby as my “People”?

Coming soon “Growing out grey” hair update.

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