On my last blog post in March, I told you I would be wearing a two-piece bathing for the first time in many years this summer. Well, here we are late August and I guess one could say summer is coming to a close.

Why did I put this news flash out there that this was a goal of mine?  Wearing a two-piece bathing suit? I look back now and it’s kinda silly. Everyone should wear whatever bathing suit they want and not need to make it news worthy, right?

It had been so long since I wore one publicly or privately that I was stuck. My self-consciousness grew to the point had I not said it, it wouldn’t have happened.

We went to Santa Barbara for a couple of days and I packed my bathing suit.

I felt great.




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2 Responses to Summer

  1. Laurie says:

    You go Corinne! you always look fabulous!
    Laurie L

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