2015 sounds so futuristic I find. It’s very exciting to me and has actually inspired me to to move forward past the closing of my business last year. It’s not that I’ve done nothing for a year mind you. I have completed a small remodel to make room for my folks and have moved them in. During this period I have also emptied their home and have had it rented. So you see, I have been busy.

Now I find that I want to concentrate on what’s next for me.

I’ve taken a personal inventory and established a few goals. My first list was crazy long and I realized the goals I set needed to be attainable in my world, right now. Here are just a few.

Get in better shape. Whatever that means. I mean, yes lose some weight but more important establish an exercise routine that I can stick to …whatever that means. No! I mean it!! Who likes Zumba?

Read more. Ugh, Ok, Ok, what I actually mean to say is READ… a book. I haven’t read a book since Twilight. Fashion, Home and Food Magazines don’t count, right?  I guess not. I’ll take suggestions in that department.

Take some classes. I’m going to learn Microsoft Office, which of course includes Word, Excel, Outlook and whatever else is included in that “Suite”. Ps. I’m enrolled!

Learn how to take better pictures for my blog. I’m told by some that they suck.  I don’t  necessarily disagree with that opinion so I will work on that.

Get a job.  Very exciting!

Please note, this list is in no specific order. I’m more than happy to find a job first!







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Essentials And Yes, More Leopard

jcrewI spotted this (wink, wink) and imagined it beautifully fitting into all my purses as the perfect new cosmetic bag I’ve been searching for.


It’s the perfect size and could even double as an evening clutch.

Welcome home to mama you perfectly spotted leopard bag.

I love you.


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I’m Growing Out My Grey Hair


I think this picture illustrates the fact that “I’m Growing Out My Grey Hair ” Usually, I wear my hair curly which has made the task of growing it out so much easier. Today I thought I would blow it out to see how far it has left to go. Well, It’s gotta long way to go…  I’m excited to see it through, and I think some style changes might be in store.

I’ll keep you posted!

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What I’m Wearing Today

sat 2:22:14

What I love about my wardrobe is that I have old, new and “Wow, so glad I kept that!”

Oh those boots!  I found these for $20.00 at the United Colors of Benetton’s outlet store at the Citadel about 12 years ago.  Pointed, flat, short and OMG! I just loved them. Funny, I didn’t wear them for oh, maybe 8 years or so, but for 20.00 bucks? Really? definitely worth the investment.   I just had them polished and they are fab!

The Jeans and Jean Jacket are Zara and the funky Belt is from Free People — Come on peeps ya gotta add a little funk now and then. The Tee is from Vince.

And of course there’s my Luco from Louis Vuitton. I don’t wear it often enough, usually I save it for travel but what the heck, right?

I considered  2 pics, the bottom half and the top half. But — a selfie with an ipad is, well, really, really odd. trust me.

Saturday’s are a beautiful thing.

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Can you have to much Leopard?

leopard shoes


Is that a problem?


In fact I love leopard so much, I might devote a whole category on my blog to my love of all things leopard.  Stay Tuned!

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The Statement Piece


Who loves a Statement Piece?


I  love them so much. One might say, I might even be slightly obsessed. Today I’m so calmed down, right? I just have on my gorgeous All Saint’s necklace and beautiful Tom Ford Sunglasses.

Very understated, N’est Pas?


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Fresh Flowers… really?

fresh flower arrangement, fresh/faux flowers,I Love fresh flowers. I particularly love flowers, that when I open the door or walk into a room give me a beautiful nasal high. Ahhhhh… fleeting, but oh, so satisfying.  The most intense flower for that delightful perk is always the Casablanca Lily. It’s also very long-lasting which doubles the pleasure.

imageI like simple arrangements and usually in the same color scheme with the lily being center stage. Sometimes, as I walk to the market I’ll say to myself, “Today, try and do something different” Then once I’m there I say, “Calm down, Crazy!” Side trivia; what movie is that line from? Hint?  It was a oscar nom movie from last year. Give up? Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Tiffany says it in Silver Linings Playbook. I love that line. Let’s just say I bought the same flowers.

6 stems of White Casablanca Lilies, 6 stems of White Gladiolus, one tall bunch of greens and 4 stems of Green Amaranthus–wait– not so fast on those. One last stop left on our Flower Arrangement Adventure.

imageAldik Flower Supply.  Not your Grandmothers plastic flowers shop mind you, but a hip creative and super interesting place. They do a very big business with the local studios and have a very active on-line presence  http://www.aldikhome.com/online-store. I knew exactly what I was looking for and found it.  Green Amaranthus.

tableNot sure what’s they are made of, but the stem is plastic which is perfect for water. The cost of each stem was under $10.00 but it will last forever – or until the housekeeper thinks they are real and throws them out with the old flowers…

closeupHere’s a close-up, looks good right?

4 daysLooks  and smells great after 4 days. The Glads have opened and the lilies still have buds.

Let the Fresh Flower and faux arranging begin!!!

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Super Fast Healthy Dinner



Salmon Tzatziki & Peas in 30 minutes!

Yes, you heard me right and I guarantee it’s amazing.  Of course it would be ideal if you had all the necessary ingredients already in-house, but a quick market run and it’s on!

The freshness and simplicity of the ingredients make this dish a winner every time.

Ok here’s the list:

Fresh Salmon fillet – I usually buy a big one for seconds or leftovers.

Frozen green peas – any size or brand. I happen to like the petite peas. Trader Joe’s has fresh English Peas right now!

Plain 16oz Greek Yogurt and 1 long hot-house cucumber or 2 regular size. You also can use the small persian cucumbers and I would say about 6 – 8 of those. Fresh Lemon or apple cider vinegar or even red wine vinegar.  Mint fresh, dry optional. Low fat sour cream (optional)

Ok! turn your oven on to 525 and lower the rack. We want it screaming hot. While the oven is heating, peel your cukes and grate them into a fine mesh strainer or bowl if a strainer is not in your inventory. If you don’t have one now, you should – you will def be making this often.  Let the cukes drain off some of it’s liquid. Add some Kosher salt to the cukes to aid in draining off liquid and it’s going to help season the final product.

While the cukes are draining line a cookie sheet with foil and oil liberally. Salmon is an oily fish, but does require extra oil.   Do not use olive oil for this! The oven temp is too hot and the olive oil will smoke — bad.   I use peanut oil but vegetable oil will work.  Place the Salmon skin side down (if it has skin which I love because it gets so crispy and yummy!) But if it skinless, perfect also.

That reminds me of a story… my husband Jim, left last nights leftover piece of Salmon wrapped in foil on our kitchen counter — with a Siberian Husky roaming the house. End of story. Oh, it’s not that I mind him eating the salmon – it’s just the hundreds of teenie tiny chards of  foil littered on the kitchen floor– really can mess with the under 30 minute plan.

Back to seasoning the Salmon – Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper is all I use as seasoning but feel free to use whatever you like.  Let the Salmon rest for a minute and go back to the cukes.

Prepare the Tzatziki – Use about 8oz (I just scoop out half the container) Mix well. Add fresh lemon juice (juice of 1 lemon) or about 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Here’s where I taste and adjust. Maybe a little more salt, lemon or here’s where you can add the mint if you like. Now, if you are new to this lovely sauce you might purse your lips and say, “WHOA! this is soooo sour!” Ok, Ok here’s where you can add 1 tablespoon of the low-fat sour cream to even it out. Totally up to you.  Put the Tzatziki aside or in the fridge.

Now pop your fresh Salmon in the screaming hot oven and set the timer for 10 minutes.  That’s it– no more than that. Note: If you are buying just a piece of the fillet look for a thick wedge. If you buy the whole fillet – the cooking method will give you well cooked ends and perfection in the middle. We happen to love both.

Pop the peas into the micro, slice some lemon and set the table.

When the buzzer buzzes take the perfectly cooked Salmon out and you’re ready!!!  I like to plate the Salmon, Peas, and Tzatziki and squeeze a wedge of lemon all around for some extra zest.

salmon,  healthy, fast dinner,

You can thank me later.

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My Mix Tape and did I really DJ?

basic dj equipment, fun dj, dj your own partyheadphones,

My son and now daughter in law were married in her home town of Ames, Iowa. They had a fantastic destination wedding, but sadly some So-Cal family and friends could not make the trip. We decided to throw a  backyard summer LA party to celebrate their marriage.

I’ve always had a crazy itch to dj, yes dj. I know it’s sounds a little weird for a fifty-five and change gal wanting to don the giant headphones and spin the vinyl, but I guess it’s years of complaining about what music the dj’s were playing and how much better my dance set could be.  So I did some research, aided by my 23 year-old daughter’s friend who rallied such great support I just couldn’t fail. We decided on a very basic all in one kit, added speakers and of course the giant white earphones and I was set! I spent weeks creating the nights music. First there would be the “Welcome” music. This set would be auto played while guests arrived, mingled and had appetizers followed by dinner from a terrific burger truck which pulled right up to the house. OMG such a great idea and when you factor in all the costs of cooking or catering yourself, it’s a bargain. After dinner? dancing of course, dj’d by me (more on how that went later) The “Dessert and Cigar” music set followed on auto-play so I could rejoin the guests and bask in my glory.  Three sets is a lot of music, but itunes makes it very easy to plan the length of each set.

I had the best time picking the music, such a great ride down memory lane, a rear view mirror told through music. The Welcome set started with Sinatra, Dean, Joni, Diana Krall, Sade and as the Welcome moved into Dinner – the vibe changed to Amy Winehouse, Bruce, Rolling Stones. By the way, the best all time duo ever? Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse and their killer version of “Body and Soul” is so amazing.  Moving on to the dance set… I was really hyped. I had practiced and practiced every night for weeks at my dining room table. I would play the mix in the car and just listen to the nuances of the starts and endings.  It was HARD!!!! Like rubbing your tummy and patting your head and looking cool while doing it! But, finally it clicked somewhat and I was able to transition in and out of songs seamlessly… kinda. The dance set took the longest to assemble. I had my favorites from my era, but I didn’t think this crowd would enjoy it as much, so I stuck with more current choices.  I had a blast!  I think I danced more than anyone, and for sure I would do it again. I think everyone enjoyed it including my kids or maybe they might like to indulge me – just a tad.   Moving on to the Dessert/Cigar mix, oh such a great set. Al Green, Clapton, Stones, Van Morrison, Bruno Mars, JZ, Elvis.  I made a mix tape cd as a party favor in honor of the young marrieds and handed them out as the guests left. Great party, great music & food. Mazel Tov Aaron & Chelsea!!! Hit me up for the list!

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Holy Moly Deals Today only 12/19/13


Hurry, today only!!!!

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